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    There is a reason why you practice strikes over and over in your marital arts classes. Incredible amount of repetition is required if you want to perform at an elite level. If you want to succeed, practice - practice - practice. Remember that champions repeat the same steps many times. The same work ethic applies to everything you want to accomplish in life.Be steadfast and never give up. Practice - Practice - Practice

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    Women's Self-Defense Key Points

    Be aware of your surroundings - heads up no texting.
    Make eye contact with strangers - if your attacker knows you are aware, you are less likely to be a target.
    Listen - use your ears. If something or someone comes up behind you, turn around.
    Trust your instincts! If it doesn't seem, feel or look right; it probably isn't.
    Keep your distance - keep hands in front of you with open palms.
    Stay in the open - do not get backed into a corner. Keep attacker in front of you. ....

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  • Why Women Need To Know Self-Defense

    Without out question - women and teenage girls need to learn self-defense techniques. Statistics show that women are 75% more likely to be attacked than men. Where can women get this training? USA Martial Arts in Plano offers a FREE seminar each year. Women can learn different types of self-defense techniques that can be used to protect themselves. Our FREE seminar is Saturday, January 27, 2017 from 2:30 - 4:00 pm. Call the school at 972-985-7738 to register for this awesome seminar. Women will learn 10 different techniques and practice them on male instructors in real life situations. Learn to be proactive and not reactive!! ....

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  • What are characteristics of a good leader?

    - learn, listen, and seek to understand. E
    - enthusiasm - live every moment positively, proactively, and with pride. A
    - act in a manner that brings honor to myself and my family. D
    - determination - strive for success and improvement every day. E
    - excellence - always work to do our best in all things, all the time. R
    - respect - show it for our family, our peers, and ourselves. S
    - show that we are leaders through our actions, our appearance, and our behavior. H
    - health - work hard to keep a healthy body, mind, and spirit. I
    - inspire and be inspired by those around us. P
    - principles will be the center of our lives and guide us in making choices. ....

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  • Why Should Students Participate in Service Projects

    Why is it important for students to volunteer in service projects? It helps them to become a leader that other will want to follow!! Learning to serve others teaches our youth the importance of helping other people. It also helps them to realize how fortunate they are to have basic needs already provided for them - food, clothing, water, and a place to live. Students in USA Martial Arts Leadership class are learning just that. They brainstormed ideas and decided to create "Blessing Bags" for the homeless. Students created angels to place on the Christmas tree and asked for donations. The Leadership class was able to make over 50 blessing bags. Way to go!! If you want to learn more about the ....

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  • Why Girls Should Be In Martial Arts

    7 Reasons why girls should be in Martial Arts:
    1. It teaches you self defense. Training martial arts would help you acquire the necessary skills to protect yourself. 2. It builds your confidence. When you train regularly and find yourself improving, you’ll gain confidence. Training martial arts also requires constant contact with your coaches and fellow martial artists. This will help you devel op important social skills and give you the confidence to mingle and communicate better with different people from all walks of life. 3. It helps you get into shape. Besides the defined muscles you’ll develop, martial arts will teach you to punch fear in the face. This is ....

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  • Martial Arts and Autism

    The relationship between martial arts and autism has been getting a lot of attention in the past decade. A 2010 study by the University of Wisconsin found that martial arts and autism go well together; autistic children were a lot more social with their peers, their physical coordination improved, as did their self-esteem. Here is one way that martial arts and autism can have a positive relationship for children and their families. SOCIAL - Martial arts classes require quite a bit of social interaction. There is interaction between the instructor and student, as well as plenty of interaction with classmates. Many drills and activities require a partner and/or cooperation with many ....

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  • Halloween Haunted House Night

    Come join the fun at USA Martial Arts in Plano for our annual Halloween Haunted House night on Saturday, October 29th. Time 6:30 - 9:00 pm. Come dressed in costume or not. Prizes for scariest, funniest, and original costumes. Bring a bag of candy or compete in the dessert contest - scariest and most original. It will be a blast playing games and running through the haunted house... IF YOU DARE!! ....

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  • 10 Anti-Bullying Tips

    Here are 10 Anti-Bullying Tips that USA Martial Arts gave to students and parents at their annual Bully Proof Seminar. 1. Learn to look or act different - keep your emotions off your face. 2. Ignore the bully - bullies usually taunt first and bully second. Learn to walk away and ignore them! 3. Stand up to them - do not bully back but do not put up with them. Be CONFIDENT. 4. Avoid the bully - avoid places or situations that can lead to bullying. 5. Tell someone - do not tattle, just state the facts! Tell the teachers, guidance counselors, principle, and your parents. 6. Be brave - you cannot show the bully that you are afraid. 7. Work the buddy system - bullies like to single out ....

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