The relationship between martial arts and autism has been getting a lot of attention in the past decade.  A 2010 study by the University of Wisconsin found that martial arts and autism go well together; autistic children were a lot more social with their peers, their physical coordination improved, as did their self-esteem.  Here is one way that martial arts and autism can have a positive relationship for children and their families.

SOCIAL - Martial arts classes require quite a bit of social interaction.  There is interaction between the instructor and student, as well as plenty of interaction with classmates.  Many drills and activities require a partner and/or cooperation with many students.  This helps in nurturing a comfort level for autistic kids, as they become more familiar with their surroundings and other in martial arts schools.

With a constant pursuit in martial arts, self-esteem tends to be boosted as proficiency increases.  Allowing the student to become more sure of themselves through practice is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and socialization for kids.  This combined with their consistent social interactions can help children come out of their shell, becoming more social.

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