10 Anti-Bullying Tips

Here are 10 Anti-Bullying Tips that USA Martial Arts gave to students and parents at their annual Bully Proof Seminar.

1. Learn to look or act different - keep your emotions off your face.

2. Ignore the bully - bullies usually taunt first and bully second. Learn to walk away and ignore them!

3. Stand up to them - do not bully back but do not put up with them. Be CONFIDENT.

4. Avoid the bully - avoid places or situations that can lead to bullying.

5. Tell someone - do not tattle, just state the facts!  Tell the teachers, guidance counselors, principle, and your parents.

6. Be brave - you cannot show the bully that you are afraid.

7. Work the buddy system - bullies like to single out kids.  Stay with a friend.

8. Build self-esteem - bullies like to prey on kids who lack confidence. Stand up tall and look them in the eyes.

9. Confront them - if you get bullied, call them out.  Ask them what is your problem? Tell them to STOP.

10. Report it every time - 75% of all bully behavior goes unreported!  STOP the behavior by telling.

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