Why Should Students Participate in Service Projects

Why is it important for students to volunteer in service projects?  It helps them to become a leader that other will want to follow!!  Learning to serve others teaches our youth the importance of helping other people.  It also helps them to realize how fortunate they are to have basic needs already provided for them - food, clothing, water, and a place to live.  Students in USA Martial Arts Leadership class are learning just that.  They brainstormed ideas and decided to create "Blessing Bags" for the homeless.  Students created angels to place on the Christmas tree and asked for donations.  The Leadership class was able to make over 50 blessing bags.  Way to go!!  If you want to learn more about the Leadership Class at USA Martial Arts, go to the website and request more information.  We can also be found on Facebook at USA Martial Arts Leadership Academy in Plano, Texas.

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