Beginner Anti Bully Classes Enrolling In July

students in Anti Bully in Plano - USA Martial Arts

Every month in the United States, three million children miss school due to fear of bullies. The goal in our USA Martial Arts Anti-bully program is to help your child overcome bullies without violence by instilling them with confidence. We teach our students to deter bullies verbally and use non-violent self-defense techniques if physically assaulted. We never teach students in our anti-bully program to kick and punch.

We teach them to neutralize threats without violence. If you’re interested in instilling your child with confidence while reinforcing positive values and good character, the USA Martial Arts Anti-Bully program is for you!

Empower your child with Anti Bully Confidence and Training!

Children would like to stand up to bullies, but won't follow through for fear of physical harm. Our goal is to instill our students the confidence to face the bully, and teach them to defend themselves against physical attack.

Most other martial arts programs teach their students violent kicks, punches and submissions to defend against bullies. In the USA Martial Arts Anti Bully program, we take a different approach. All techniques we teach are defensive, and we first and foremost teach children how to defuse confrontations with words. If attacked, we teach our students to non-violently neutralize the threat and gain control until help arrives.

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