Combating Child Obesity in Allen McKinney and Plano

                Let’s face it, in today’s society, children are bombarded with sugar drinks and foods, and commercials featuring cartoon characters designed to get them to crave and want these items more and more.  To top it all off, they sit for hours on end at school and home watching television or on some sort of device playing games leading to a sedentary lifestyle.  Without a change in both diet and physical activity, they will end up obese and with health problems ranging from heart disease to diabetes well before their time. 

                At USA Martial Arts, our focus each day is to get children to both learn martial arts and to help develop a passion for healthy choices in life.  Through our goal setting process and fun and exciting classes, we push students to focus on the healthy benefits of good decision making and show them how healthy choices get them feeling better.  If a child doesn’t have a goal that THEY want, you can push them all you want, but they won’t make lifelong changes.  Through our goal setting process, students make changes on their own, and are then lead on a path towards behavioral changes. 

                We encourage you to take a look at the choices your children and family are making each day, and take a step towards changing just one thing each week.  Through small steps, we can help make a healthier future and show them how changing just a few things can lead to lifelong success.  For more information about our programs, please feel free to contact USA Martial Arts at one of our three locations.  Allen can be reached at (469) 854-6872 or  McKinney can be reached at (972) 547-4440 or  Plano can be reached at (972) 985-7738 or  We look forward to serving you soon!  

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